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Disabled Students

Disability Resource Centre (DRC)

The Disability Resource Centre (DRC) is the University of Cambridge's disability service, providing advice, information and support to all disabled students. The DRC supports individuals with any disability, medical matter or injury, including those with:

  • specific learning difficulties (including dyslexia)
  • physical impairments and injuries (including broken limbs and Work Related Upper Limb Disorder (WRULD)
  • sensory impairments
  • mental health issues
  • eating disorders
  • chronic illnesses
  • Asperger syndrome and autism

The DRC can provide confidential information and support, study skills tuition and mentoring, assessment for dyslexia, the loan of specialist equipment and assistance with funding applications. The DRC can also work with you, your college and department to help ensure that you have effective support for your studies and help you apply for Reasonable Adjustments for examinations. More information about all these issues can be found on the DRC's website -

Disabled Students' Campaign

There also exists an autonomous campaign (the Disabled Students' Campaign) which aims to improve the University's attitude, policy and procedures on issues related to disability rights. You can find out more about their campaign here.


The Disabled Students' Campaign have created a Guide to Undergraduate Intermission. This document was created for all undergraduate students at Cambridge, who are either currently intermitting or simply seeking to learn more about the process. The University's official guidance for undergraduate students can be found here and for Graduate Students here.