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General Health

All students get ill from time to time. Fortunately, Cambridge has a very wide variety of GP practices, a sports injury clinic, dental service, Counselling Service, and Addenbrooke's Hospital. Support is also available from within your college; your tutor, college nurse, college welfare officer or the Student Advice Service will be able to offer further assistance should you require it.

College nurses

Nearly every college has a Nurse who will operate surgery hours in college during full undergraduate term. You may wish to see the College Nurse yourself to inform him/her of any pre-existing conditions, such as asthma, on arrival. For details of your college nurse, look at the college website, ask the porters or contact your tutor.

Registering with a GP

Every student is encouraged to register with a local GP (General Practitioner) surgery on arrival in Cambridge. We have a list of GPs in Cambridge. It's best to find one in the first few weeks if possible. GPs cannot provide short notice, urgent appointments for people who are not registered so by doing so you'll make the process far quicker in the event that you fall ill.

Health costs

Students are not generally exempt from paying prescription charges, dental or optician's costs unless they are under 19 years old. Students 19 or over can only get free prescriptions if they have a Certificate of Exemption. These are available to some students on the grounds of low income but are only valid for six months at a time, so remember to keep applying even if you are well. All home and overseas students can apply for financial help with health costs - NHS prescriptions, dental treatment, sight tests and glasses.

Advice for Freshers

Coming to Cambridge might be the first time you are living on your own, and looking after your own health. One of the most important things to do is make sure you get all your vaccinations up-to-date. The University Health and Welfare Guidelines on this are excellent, and are worth a look over.

Information on common student health issues

NHS Information

Women's health

The NHS Choices website has extensive information on women's health issues, including breast cancer, cervical cancer, toxic shock syndrome and thrush .

Men's health

The NHS Choices website has extensive information on men's health issues, including testicular cancer and prostate cancer.