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You may find you need help and support when taking a pregnancy test, when you hear the results, when deciding what to do and in going through with your decision. You might find support in the people closest to you (friends, family), you might prefer to talk to people you don't know as well (independent counsellors, your GP, the Student Advice Service) or maybe you want to use other organisations (charities and statutory bodies). Below are some places to start looking.


You can speak to any one of the Advisors in the Students' Unions' Advice Service. Either make an individual appointment or pop into the office for a pregnancy test and a chat.

You can always contact your college tutor, DoS, college nurse or chaplain if you feel comfortable talking to them. You may find that if your decision is affecting your work you may have to tell someone in college, in order for them to help you through. Remember that you can go and see ANY tutor in college, not just the one you were assigned to.

Nightline is a listening support and information service, run by students for students, every night of Cambridge University full term.

The integrated Contraception and Sexual Health service (iCaSH): Lime Tree Clinic

Lime Tree Clinic, Brookfields Hospital, 351 Mill Road, Cambridge CB1 3DF

If you know or are concerned you may be pregnant and are unsure of your next steps, the Lime Tree Clinic can discuss your options, including referral for an abortion.

Making the choice

There are lots of excellent websites that you may find helpful when trying to decide what to do about an unplanned pregnancy. They have good questions that might prompt you to think about the decision you have to make.


The following websites give unbiased information on abortion, or places you can have an abortion.

BPAS has information on unplanned pregnancies, abortion, aftercare and also has information for those supporting someone who is having or had an abortion. They also have a call centre who can give you information on clinics around the country that provide abortions : 03457 30 40 30.

Marie Stopes provides a similar service to BPAS.

The Family Planning Association are more focussed on sexual health, but they can also give you support in finding the right clinic for you. Their Find a clinic page is useful especially if you are away from Cambridge.