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Before the Exams

Rules, regulations and advice about exams and exam-term: FAQS

What should I do if I am ill this term or something else happens which affects my preparation?

In line with University recommendations:

If your preparation might be affected by illness (including mental health) and/or other severe mitigating circumstances (for example a bereavement) the most important thing is to seek help and let someone know early (e.g. your College Tutor, Nurse, DoS). It is important to obtain evidence (medical or other) early.

Your College may submit an 'exam warning' via CamSIS. This 'exam warning' will only be acted on when you receive your results and if you think that your exam results may have been affected by illness and/or mitigating circumstances. The 'exam warning' will be used as evidence if you are applying for an examination allowance.

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What should I do if I'm feeling unwell on the day of my exams?

In line with University recommendations:

If you feel unwell on the day of your exam and do not think that you are able to sit your exam in the scheduled venue, then you should get in contact with your College Tutorial Office, the Porters' Lodge, or the College Nurse (if your College has one) as soon as possible to let them know that you are unwell. Appropriate advice will then be given on what you should do.

If you feel unwell during an examination, let an invigilator know immediately. The invigilator will arrange for you to be escorted back to College with your examination paper. The College should give you time and space to recover, and provide you with an opportunity to complete your examination paper in College later that day.

It is recommended you speak to the GP or College Nurse (if your college has one) as soon as possible. The College Nurse can also make emergency referrals to the GP if required.

Inform your College Tutor you are feeling unwell and of the full circumstances whatever the cause, at the earliest possible moment.

Further information can be found here:

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Examination Arrangements

Information on Examination Arrangements can be found here

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University Examination Rules and Guidance

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