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Examination Warnings

If you have been hindered in preparing for or taking your examinations because of illness or disability, or because of some other grave cause such as family problems or bereavement, your Tutor may submit an 'examination warning'. The warning does not empower extra marks to be awarded, but the regulations allow for the following:

  • if you have a SpLD (including dyslexia/dyspraxia/dysgraphia) the Examiners will be invited not to penalise any minor faults of grammar or spelling;
  • if you are colour blind or have another visual disability, which might be relevant in certain practical examinations, the Examiners will be invited to make special arrangements for you in those examinations;
  • if you are at risk of failing examinations (because of illness, bereavement or other difficulties), your Tutor can submit an 'examination warning'.

If you have missed part of the examination but have performed with credit in a substantial part, your Tutor may apply to the Applications Committee to ask the Examiners to review your overall class.

If you have taken the whole examination and obtained insufficient marks to pass, BUT you were ill at the time of, or leading up to, your examinations, your Tutor may apply to the Applications Committee for an examination allowance.