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Your DoS

Directors of Studies play a crucial role as the primary point of contact between the college and the individual Faculties and Departments. They have responsibility for the academic life of all the students in their college who are reading their subject. It is expected that they fulfil this role in a number of the following ways:


They organise inductions for new students by:

  • providing introductory material, reading lists etc. in advance of students' arrival;
  • meeting new students at the beginning of the year to explain the teaching system in detail;
  • advising new students on learning procedures

All students

They advise students on University courses, facilities and examinations, arrange supervisions, and monitor students' progress by:

  • meeting them at the beginning and end of each Term to advise on a programme of work and to monitor progress;
  • informing of and recommending University lectures, classes and practicals as relevant;
  • giving explanations about University, college and Departmental Libraries and IT resources;
  • liaising with the college librarian to ensure that stocks of books are kept up to date;
  • arranging supervisions for college teaching;
  • monitoring progress from supervision reports;
  • warning students if they are neglecting their studies;
  • liaising with tutors where students appear to have problems;
  • noting and, where appropriate, acting on feedback from students on supervisors;
  • checking examination entries;
  • organising college examinations where appropriate;
  • informing students of details of examination results;
  • making recommendations on scholarships and prizes;
  • advising on possible postgraduate courses;
  • writing references as requested by students;
  • being available to any student who is considering a change of subject;
  • being available to advise students on any matter related to the subject, particularly if the student is in difficulty.


Directors of Studies appoint supervisors and monitor the standard of both college organised supervisions and those which are Faculty based by:

  • appointing supervisors and specifying hours of teaching;
  • instructing new supervisors in what is required of them and informing them of teaching courses available;
  • ensuring that supervisors discuss a student's problems with the Director of Studies as soon as they arise;
  • giving the Tutorial Office list of supervisors each term to ensure that they receive report forms and claim forms;
  • monitoring expenditure on supervisions