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Nightlife / personal safety


If you're going to a club, try to take cash rather than credit cards with you and don't leave valuables in the cloakroom. If your phone or money has been stolen report it to the cloakroom staff as there's a chance it may be found. Also report any theft to the police, as you will need an incident number if you make an insurance claim.

Drink Spiking

Drink Spiking is when someone puts something unexpected in your drink: this could be drugs or extra alcohol. Although
it is relatively uncommon in Cambridge, it does sometimes occur (in college bars and at formal hall dinners as well as at nightclubs), and it is always best to be vigilant and aware of the problem. Men should be aware that their drinks can be spiked too and that it does not only happen to women. Make sure you:

  • Never leave a drink unattended.
  • Never accept a drink from a stranger.
  • Try not to drink from collective alcohol.
  • If you do think your drink has been spiked, tell someone immediately: you may feel dizzy, confused and experience loss of consciousness.
  • Also beware of people topping up drinks with stronger drinks (such as vodka) without your permission.

Getting back

  • Avoid walking back alone, especially after heavy drinking. Try to leave in groups.
  • Be alert and walk confidently.
  • Stick to well lit, busy areas.
  • Walk in the centre of the pavement away from bushes and shop doors.
  • Try to avoid subways (e.g. on Newmarket Road and Elizabeth Way).
  • Walk towards oncoming traffic.This way you will be fully aware if a car stops near you.
  • If you think you're being followed, cross the road. If you are still worried, go to a busy area like a petrol station, pub or restaurant and ask for help.
  • Personal Safety Tips by the Suzy Lamplugh Trust


There are several taxi ranks in Cambridge, which operate throughout the night. These include:

  • Opposite Christs's College
  • By the bus station at Drummer Street
  • Cambridge Rail Station

The vast majority of taxis are very safe, but you may want to take a few precautions, especially if you're travelling alone. For example, have your money ready before you reach your destination, get out of the cab and then pay the driver. When booking a cab you can also ask what sort of car will be collecting you.

For more information on taxis in and around Cambridge please visit the University's Student Wellbeing page on Travelling and taxis.

Useful contacts
Panther Taxis
Tel: 01223 715715 / Web:

Tel: 01223 704704 / Web:

A1 Cabco Taxis
Tel: 01223 525555 / 313131 / Web:

Personal safety alarms

Alarms can attract attention and help, as well as giving you time to escape by disorientating an attacker. CUSU and the Graduate Union now sell personal attack alarms that are visibly attractive: they are colourful and smaller than some alarms available on the market. They cost £3.00 each and you can get them from the Students' Union - 17 Mill Lane.