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Exams may appear a terrifying prospect, but remember, they are designed for you to demonstrate what you have learned throughout the year, not to catch you out.

Frequently Asked Questions - Examinations

Our FAQ on examinations seeks to answer any questions you may have as an undergraduate or postgraduate student before, during or after the examination, including exam access arrangements, mitigating circumstances, issues with the conduct of the examination and alternative modes of assessment.

Post-Exam Workshops

If your exam/s or assessment did not go as planned and you think something may have affected your preparation, attendance and/or performance; come along to a workshop where we will discuss options around mitigating circumstances and/or issues with the conduct of the examination.

Workshop for undergrads: Thursday, 20th June, 11am-12pm (Seminar Room B, 17 Mill Lane)

Workshop for postgrads: Friday, 21st June, 11am-12pm (Seminar Room B, 17 Mill Lane)

To book, please email specifying which workshop you would like to attend.

Meanwhile, for mitigating circumstances, undergraduate students can find more exam-related information in the Exam Access and Mitigation Committee's Guidance Notes and Postgraduate students can find more information on the Cambridge Students Examination Allowances webpage.

For issues relating to the conduct of the examination, undergraduate and postgraduate students can find more information in the Examination Review procedure.

Post-Exam Podcast

If you are an undergraduate student who has failed, underperformed or missed your exams, the following Podcast can provide you with information about what your options may be - Undergraduate Examinations Podcast.

Guide to getting through exams

Our 'Guide to getting through exams' has guidance and information on any concerns you may have about your exams and tips on how to 'De-stress before the test'.

The University also has guidance for managing exam stress on the Student Wellbeing page.

For general information about exams including "Tips for Studying", "Exam Success Strategies" and "What to do if you need extra support", visit the Student Toolkit.