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Procedural Irregularities

If you feel that irregularities in the conduct of the examination may have affected your importance, it is important that you alert the University as soon as possible. Applications for a review of the conduct of the examination may be made either by individual candidates or by a candidate's Tutor or Senior Tutor. Applications must made to the Registrary, and received no later than 40m on the third day (excluding Saturday and Sunday) after completing all parts of your examination.

If you are concerned about the conduct of the examination, contact the Student Advice Service who will be able to provide information, advice, and help you submit an application for review if necessary.

A review may be requested if:

  • there existed material circumstances relating to the conduct of the examination (excluding circumstances relating to the candidate's course of study) of which the Examiners were unaware. This might include disturbances in the examination, such as interruption or noise.
  • procedural irregularities occurred in the conduct of the examination, which were of such a nature as to cause reasonable doubt as to whether the Examiners would have reached the same conclusion had the irregularities not occurred. One example of this might include invigilators not allowing a full 3 hours (for example by starting late, but finishing at the stated time)
  • there is demonstrable evidence of prejudice, bias, or inadequate assessment in the examination process. This might include a mistake in the exam paper, or including questions pertaining only to one, non-compulsory, part of the course.