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The University Counselling Service (UCS)

2/3 Bene't Place, Lensfield Road
Tel: 01223 332865

The University Counselling Service provides free, confidential and professional counselling to all students. You can make an appointment online by filling in a pre-counselling form, or you can download a form; feel free to give as much or as little information as you are comfortable with. Any information you give will remain confidential within the Counselling Service and once you have submitted a form, the Counselling Service will contact you to arrange for you to see a suitable counsellor at a time that you can manage.

The UCS also runs a range of group sessions including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Groups, a Overcoming Work Block group, a Disordered Eating group, an Exam Preparation group and a Postgraduate group.

Appointments All you need to do is visit UCS's website and fill in a pre-counselling form or collect a copy from the Counselling Service itself. Appointments are confidential and available free to all undergraduates and graduates in the University. Never put off contacting them because you think they're too busy. Waiting times vary during the year, but on average students are seen within a week or two. Counselling sessions take place in a very comfortable and private setting and usually last around 50 minutes.

Group Sessions As well as individual counselling, group sessions are available, both for specific and more general issues. Some of these require an initial consultation while others can simply be booked in reception. You can contact the Counselling Service in complete confidence for more details about these.

Information The University Counselling Service produces a large number of leaflets on common issues, such as homesickness, depression, bereavement or exam stress – you can drop into the UCS reception to pick these up for free or alternatively take a look at the self-help leaflets on their website.