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Pregnancy Test Request

Worried you might be pregnant? Please fill in your details and you will be sent a pregnancy test to your college via CUSU-MS. Please fill in your FULL NAME (first name and surname) and COLLEGE otherwise we won't be able to get a test to you. Requests will be handled by the CUSU reception staff who are bound by strict codes of confidentiality and will not share your details with anyone. Alternatively, contact the CUSU Welfare & Rights Officer or Women's Officer for one.

Please send me a free Pregnancy Test kit.

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* Items marked with an asterisk [*] are required fields and must be fully completed.

Instructions for the Pregnancy Tests:

You can take this test at any time, but a first morning urine sample is preferred (high hormone concentration).

- Remove the test strip from sealed pouch

- Collect a urine sample in a clean and dry container.

- With arrows pointing towards the urine specimen, immerse the test strip vertically in the urine specimen for 10-15seconds. Do NOT pass the maximum line (MAX).

- Place the strip on a non-absorbent, flat surface.

- The result should be read at about 3mins. A weak concentration may result in a weak line appearing after a while, therefore do not read the test after 10mins.


See silver pouch for details.

- Positive is 2 lines

- Negative is one line

- Invalid is no lines

Is the result not what you were expecting? If you want to talk through your options please feel free to contact the CUSU Welfare & Rights Officer or Women's Officer for support.